Technology Pioneers Programme (Wold)

LogoThe World Economic Forum has announced 34 visionary companies selected as Technology Pioneers 2009 for their accomplishments as innovators of the highest calibre, and whose technologies will have a deep impact on business and society. The selection of these companies is the result of a vigorous selection process, for which the Forum received more than 320 applications from around the world that were evaluated by 44 global technology experts. Read more
Video Playlist of the Technology Pioneers 2009

The Technology Pioneers programme is the World Economic Forum's means of identifying and integrating those companies around the world that are involved in the design and development of new technologies. Each innovation, whether it has large or small consequences, is another step in society's attempt to harness, adapt and utilise technology to change and improve the way business and society operate.

In line with the World Economic Forum’s commitment to improving the state of the world, the Tech Pioneers are integrated into its activities with the objective to identify and address future-oriented issues on the global agenda, in proactive, innovative and entrepreneurial ways. By bringing these executives together with scientists, academics, NGOs, and Forum members and partners, the Forum hopes to shed new light on how technologies can be used to, for example, find new vaccines, create economic growth and enhance global communication.


Nominations for the Technology Pioneer programme are solicited from a variety of sources: Forum Members, technology experts, venture capital firms, technology incubators, current Technology Pioneers and the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC). A crucial part of the selection process is the SAC, which is an external group of technology experts in specific fields. Committee members are selected based on their extensive experience in and knowledge of the various technology sectors.


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