On the 7th June PDN reported the arrest of Mr. George Carl Morgan (40), the VP of Pattaya’s prestigious “The Beaches” project, on fraud charges. Mr. Morgan is alleged to have sold false contracts to customers and to have embezzled up to 200 million baht received as deposit payments. He remains in detention in a Bangkok prison.

Today (24th June 2009) PDN interviewed two potential victims of the scam – Mr. Grant Babinyan, the executive director of, the exclusive agent for “The Beaches” in Russia, together with one of his Russia clients, Mr. Yuri Kunnik.

A very concerned Mr. Kunnik, who has paid nearly one and a half million baht to the project, showed us copies of his purchase contract and receipts. The documents contain three different versions of the company stamp which, according to the developer, Mr.Laikat Dhanji, have been identified as forgeries.

Mr. Kunnik is not demanding his money back, but just requires acknowledgement from the developer that the payments are recognised. So far he has received no such assurance from Mr. Dhanji. Mr. Babinyan told us that he has 20 clients in a similar situation. He is also seriously concerned about the lack of progress in the project’s construction.


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