CACJE's Statement on Mu Sochua's Case

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(Official Translation in English)

June 21, 2009


The Assembly of pirates, in other words, the Assembly of ghosts of Cambodia led by the Cambodian People Party (CPP), the puppet of Hanoi Government, in solidarity with the puppet Royal Government of Cambodia is using their absolute power to suppress the freedom of expression, especially the voice of democrats and nationalists of Cambodia.

Recently, the Assembly of pirates, the Assembly of ghosts of Cambodia imposed to the Assembly session an addendum CPP agenda to strip the parliamentary immunity of Ms. MU SOCHUA, the representative of the province of Kampot.

Additionally, the CPP wants Ms. MU SOCHUA be replaced instantly by a new appointed one as she was expulsed from the Assembly. This proves quite well that the Cambodian People Party (CPP) which is in fact the Communist Party of Cambodia which is by itself a branch of Vietnamese Communist Party of Indochina is aiming to reduce and eradicate the Cambodian democratic and nationalist forces, the solid defense pillar of Cambodian people.

The Assembly of pirates, the Assembly of ghosts of Cambodia, in other words the CPP won the elections always by the pirate way by stealing the ballot and by the vote of ghost voters. The CPP members are Vietnamese ghost MP working for Vietnamese interests against Cambodian national interests.

The return of communism power in Cambodia after the fall of Pol Pot regime, that’s the grab of power by Vietnamese puppet in Cambodia, by showing its savage fangs through lawsuits, incarceration, elimination and tortures of innocent people and by continuing threat against democrats and nationalists is happened because Prince NORODOM SIHANOUK has committed the abominable act of kicking out the United Nations representatives by ending their mission of protection of Cambodia sovereignty accordingly to the Paris Peace Agreement of October 23rd, 1991.

Cambodian Action Committee for Justice and Equity (CACJE) denounced the criminal act of the Cambodian People Party (CPP) of stripping the parliamentary immunity of Ms. MU SOCHUA, the representative of Kampot and the CPP pressure to rally Sam Raingsy Party members to appoint a new one to replace Ms. MU SOCHUA as MP.

Just in case there were Sam Raingsy Party members under the CPP pressure supporting the appointment of a new one to replace MU SOCHUA as dictated by HUN SEN, in order to please HUN SEN, it is essential to remind the Sam Raingsy Party that President Sam Raingsy had tasted already this bitter experience for being expulsed by the FUNCIPEC in 1995.


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