Hot Topics Important issues in Trade Policy

The New Administration and Congress: Business as Usual?
The China, Japan, Korea Challenge: Creating World Economic Imbalances
Why Free Trade Agreements Don’t Work for Americans
Foreign Takeovers of U.S. Assets: Why Ownership Matters
Intellectual Property Theft: How Foreigners Rip Off American Companies and Workers
U.S. Patent Reform: Get It Right or Lose Out
Country-of-Origin Labeling: What’s in Your Food, Drugs, Toys, Candy
The R&D Crisis: Declining U.S. Technological Competitiveness
The Immigration Crisis and U.S. Jobs/ Wages
Will Foreign Components Cause U.S. Weapons Systems to Fail
How Trade Impacts our Economy and National Security
Outsourcing Trends: Is Your Job Next?
The Retraining/Life-long Education Myth
Our Declining Manufacturing Base: Why Making Products Here Is Important
The Myth of U.S. Productivity: Why Gains Don’t Mean Higher Wages for U.S. Workers
Why Foreign Value-Added Taxes Need to be Offset at the U.S. Border
China’s Currency Cheating Destroys U.S. Factories and Jobs
Free Trade Theory Doesn’t Work in Practice
Exporting Our Way to Economic Health? Not a Chance!
How U.S. Trade Policy Encourages Outsourcing of Jobs
America’s Ponzi-Scheme Economy


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