BANGKOK, June 21 – Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health on Sunday revealed 43 new H1N1 cases, a lower number of additional cases – a drop almost by half, compared to the daily number of new infections reported earlier this week, according to Dr. Somchai Chakrabhand, Director-General of the Disease Control Department.

Dr. Somchai said he believed preventive measures in schools are effective to contain the spread of the new virus as the number of the new infections among students has dropped.

However, health agencies will continue monitoring the situation because new infections can increase again.

Dr. Somchai was due to meet operators of tutorial centres in the Ngamwongwan area Sunday afternoon as students are still attending supplemental classes, even though their schools closed last week to contain the outbreak through sanitization measures.

He will ask the tutorial centres to provide make-up classes for students if large numbers of their students become sick, so they can stay home to rest.

Despite closure of their regular classes, most tutorial centre students opt to attend their supplemental classes as the fees are quite high and their families don’t wish to lose the investment.

The H1N1 cases among students are spread among a number of schools, it is possible that the spread of the new virus occurred at tutorial schools which are crowded. Cramped space in classrooms may cause flu transmission, he said. (TNA)


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