In an Effort to be Taken Seriously Thursday October 16, 2008

It's been brought to my attention that I've talked far too much about Sarah Palin's hair lately. So, let's talk about the left side of political hair, and specifically the strategy behind a woman's hair in politics. The current political climate has more women playing pivotal roles than any other time in history. Hilary Clinton, with her short, conservative haircut graced our media during her run for the democratic nomination for President; Sarah Palin, and her now famous updo, is on the GOP ticket for vice president. It's a historic time for women, for politics, and apparently for hair! So, what's the big deal about female politician hairstyles? I haven't heard Barack Obama's haircut or John McCain's haircolor making headline news!

As women, our hair makes up a significant portion of our appearance, and we notice and judge other women based on their hairstyles. The way you wear your hair could mean the difference between being noticed being notorious (as evidenced by famous people everywhere). Tina Turner, Victoria Beckham, and Dolly Parton all are famous or infamous for their outside-the-box hairstyles. So, why don't we see female politicians sporting a Tina Turner spike, an edgy Posh Spice bob, or massive Dolly curls?

The name of the game in politics is wear your hair in such a manner that is looks polished, professional, and conservative enough to not make hair headlines. After all, we're supposed to be paying attention to the issues, not the way our politicians look, right?

I think Hilary Clinton's hairstyle is a perfect combination for politics. Her short haircut is styled off her face, giving her a very open and unhidden look. Her highlights are subtle and very natural looking. I must say, I've never noticed regrowth on Hilary's head (and for this particular blog post, I looked through months and months of photos of Hilary), and not that I know if Senator Clinton even colors her hair, but it brings up the important point that regular maintenance is key. One gray hair on film or some dark regrowth could mean weeks of bad press for a female politician.

I don't think we'd take many politicians seriously if they wore their hair like Tina, Victoria, or Dolly, do you?

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

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