SWINE FLU AT PALACE Queen orders a clean-up as bug hits three

BUCKINGHAM Palace has been hit by TWO cases of swine flu.

The outbreak - coupled with a case reported at Windsor Castle - has prompted the Queen to order a crackdown on cleanliness at Royal palaces.

Senior aides have been told to follow strict NHS guidelines - including the isolation of affected individuals to prevent swine flu spreading.

So far employees, rather than members of the Royal Family, have been hit by the highly contagious virus.

But it is understood that one of those affected at Buckingham Palace works in the catering department.

An insider said: "Given the speed this thing can spread it was important that anyone with symptoms, particularly around the kitchens, is kept isolated.

"We don't escape catching swine flu just because of where we work and everyone has been taking precautions. The last thing any if us wants is for it to spread to the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh."

Swine flu at Buckingham Palace | Queen | Swine Flu At Windsor one of the Queen's choristers, who sings at St George's Chapel in the Castle, has contracted the illness.

The Queen usually spends the week at Buckingham Palace and weekends at Windsor. However aides hope her imminent move to Scottish estate Balmoral, where she will spend the summer, will reduce the risk of her catching the bug.

A Palace spokesman said: "As a large and diverse organisation, employing over 1,000 personnel in a number of locations, we accept there are likely to be cases of suspected swine flu. Managers have been briefed to take sensible precautions."

Earlier this week, Prince Andrew scrapped a visit to a factory because of a suspected swine flu outbreak.

He was due to officially open a new factory for digger maker JCB in Uttoxeter, Staffs, and present the £40million plant, JCB Heavy Products, with a Queen's Award for Enterprise.


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