Chinese president speaks at opening session of UN climate summit, meets U.S., South African presidents

UNITED NATIONS/NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday spoke at the opening session of the UN climate summit and met his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama and South African counterpart Jacob Zuma on the sidelines of the UN climate summit and other meetings. Addressing the opening session of the UN climate summit, President Hu said that the international community should tackle global climate change through common development, calling for international joint work and pledging China's continued efforts on this issue.

"Global climate change has a profound impact on the existence and development of mankind and is a major challenge facing all countries," the president said.

"Climate change is an environment issue, but also, and more importantly, a development issue...We should and can only advance efforts to address climate change in the course of development and meet the challenge through common development," he said.

Hu also highlighted four principles needed for a successful concerted effort to deal with climate change worldwide, namely fulfilling respective responsibilities, achieving mutual benefit and a win-win outcome, promoting common development and ensuring financing and technology.

Hu also announced four measures that China will adopt to further integrate actions on climate change into its economic and social development plan.

The measures include intensifying efforts to conserve energy and improve energy efficiency, developing renewable energy and nuclear energy, increasing forest carbon sink and forest coverage as well as stepping up effort to develop green economy, low-carbon economy and circular economy, and enhance research, development and dissemination of climate-friendly technologies.


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