Jaycee Lee Dugard: police find more bones at Philip Garrido's home

Police carrying out a fresh search near the home of kidnap suspect Phillip Garrido, charged with abducting an 11-year-old girl in 1991, have found more bones at the site.
Police lieutenant Christine Orrey said it was too early to tell if the bones were human after dozens of investigators dug for a second day at Garrido's house and a neighboring property in Antioch, east of San Francisco.

"We have located what appear to be bones on both properties," Mr Orrey said, adding that the remains had been sent to a laboratory for analysis. "Finding them is the first step in the process." Investigators are seeking evidence linking Phillip and Nancy Garrido, who face 29 counts of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment in the Jaycee Lee Dugard case, to two girls who disappeared in the 1980s.

The Garridos are accused of kidnapping 11-year-old Jaycee and keeping her in a makeshift compound in their backyard for 18 years until her discovery in late August. Phillip Garrido is accused of fathering two children with Jaycee.

A week ago, a bone fragment found on the adjacent property was said by police to be "probably human," but it was not clear how old it was.

Authorities have stressed that bones from Native Americans are often found in northern California.

On Tuesday, police from the towns of Hayward and Dublin, roughly 60 miles south of Antioch, said the latest search was related to the disappearance of two young girls in 1988 and 1989.

Detectives were looking for evidence tying Garrido to the disappearance of nine-year-old Michaela Garecht, who was snatched outside a grocery store in 1988, and 13-year-old Ilene Misheloff, who vanished in 1989.

Police sought a search warrant after noting several similarities between the Dugard case and the abductions of Miss Garecht and Miss Misheloff.


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