'Jennifer's Body': Megan Fox zombie horror satire needs more fleshing out

As their moms get in line for this week's Jennifer Aniston comedy, teen girls will likely head to "Jennifer's Body" to see some scares and hear some sass.

But, as screenwriter Diablo Cody might say in her irritatingly pop-cult way, this zombie-chick horror-satire is more dead-eyed than Blake Lively.

Walking calendar girl Megan Fox stars as the titular ghoulfriend, the resident vamp at Devil's Kettle High. She and nerdy Anita (Amanda Seyfried, cute and perky) have been galpals since their sandbox days, though Jennifer chases guys and talks in Tweet-speak while straight-laced Anita cozies up to dorky boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons, well-cast). Anita's nickname, by the way, is "Needy." As Cody might write, OMG, get obvious often?!

While at a concert, Jennifer is abducted by the Goth musicians and murdered as a virgin sacrifice so they can attain fame. She is, of course, the wrong girl for that job, and her trollop status curses her to creephood, devouring innocents to stay alive.

The movie has a few creepy moments, thanks to director Karyn Kusama's ("Girlfight") woods-at-Midnight feel. Fox merely needs to look either vacant or evil, which the "Transformers" boy-toy does spookily well. And at least the movie is more punky than wannabe-pithy, unlike Cody's script for the overrated "Juno."

But words and story are still the lifeblood of a movie, and "Jennifer's Body" is filled like a Twinkie with half-fleshed-out ideas (demonic bands, undead superpowers, a weirdo waterfall), and becomes fatally distracted from its big "Carrie"-like conclusion at a high school dance. If a flick is gonna get all zombie on everyone, it should try not to become a bloody mess.


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