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Visa2britain.com We have 15 years worth experience helping thousands of people successfully obtaining various types of visa for numerous countries around the world. If you have a Thai partners or relative, and you would like to secure them a holiday or settlement Visa, we can assist through the arduous process. No matter what your circumstances maybe, we guarantee to do everything that we can to help. We do not discriminate against same sex couples, so don’t be shy, contact us now for future details.

If you have been refused a visa before? Do not be dishearten. Our in-house expert will help ameliorate the process and aid you in way to avoid those pesky pot holes. If you are already married and want to take the children to your home Country, or if want to get your Marriage Registered so to be recognised by international law, we can facilitate most of your needs. If you are concerned you application by be discriminated against for whatever reason don’t not hesitate to contact us, will we guild you through the process in such a manner that likelihood of refusal is greatly decrease. Don’t worry if your girlfriend/boyfriend works in a bar before, we can get the visa you need, our success rate speak for itself.

We are here to help you
Because we understand that acquiring a Visa for your Thai girlfriend/boyfriend or Relatives, can be a very long and laborious process. All the while new laws and regulations are making it harder and less pleasant to gain to any type of Visa. One little mistake can get your application can turned down out right, wasting your time and Embassy fees. We have the comprehensive knowledge required for countless types of Visa. Whatever you may need, contact us and we will obtain the right Visa for you. If for whatever reason you don’t manage to get you the visa, you don’t have to pay us anything. It’s that simple. No conditions, no loop-holes. Contact us now, whether to enrol our services or need good advice, we are here!
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Life in UK Test
Tuesday, 30 September 2008 14:50 administrator
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alt"The Life in the United Kingdom Test" is an exam for individuals seeking settlement in the United Kingdom or naturalisation to bacome a British citizen. The test lasts for 45 minutes, and the entrants have to answer 24 questions. The following samples are based on chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 of a revised handbook (second edition) "Life in the United Kingdom:
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Marriage Registration Service
Wednesday, 09 January 2008 12:28 administrator
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altIf you planning to get marry in Thailand and are unsure about the procedure, let us help you. Whatever you plan a big wedding or a simple lawful Registration contact us and will assist you with our express service. (To get married, legally and correctly, takes at least 2 days) Speaking of marriage, there are two separate matrimonies taken place in Thailand. One is reckoned as a Buddhist religious ceremony of traditional Thai wedding with several unique rituals observed step-by-step.
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New visa application form
Thursday, 17 January 2008 13:38 administrator
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altFrom 31st March 2009 UK Visas will be launching new application forms. The British Boarder Agency have updated the visa application forms to make them easier to understand and complete. The forms are written in plain English to make them as simple as possible for applicants to complete.
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Tuesday, 05 February 2008 15:49 administrator
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altThe Western Union payment network of over 225,000 Agents around the World provides a easy and secure method to pay for your orders in cash in your local currency. To make your payment by Western Union please proceed as follows. Locate your nearest Western Union Agent by clicking here for the Western Union website (http://www.westernunion.com) Transfer the payment to a Western Union Agent in Bangkok, THAILAND. At present our local agent is:


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