Brave New(s) World: Future of Journalism Summit

Out of the many lessons I learned at the Brave New(s) World Summit on the future of journalism held at Centennial College on May 28, the most important take away from the day could be that the newspaper is not dying, it is evolving.

An elite group of news reporters, journalism professors, students and other media gathered for the day long summit to discuss concerns over the changing print journalism industry and how the web is shaking up the traditional business model.

It seems these days, anyone can be a citizen journalist and can spread messages instantly from their mobile device but does that water down the message and even though we may get our news faster, is it accurate and which source should we trust? How can we make money from putting news online? All these questions were answered, or at least discussed at the summit, with keynote speaker and successful publisher, professor Jeff Jarvis, author of the best-selling book, What Would Google Do?As we enter the unknown territory of Web 3.0, it’s important to discuss the impact the web is going to have on jobs. That’s why I think some of the most important decision makers, critical thinkers and influencers didn’t hesitate to participate in the Summit. Representatives from every local and national media outlet participated in the breakout sessions including: Mathew Ingram, Communities Editor for the Globe and Mail, Amber MacArthur, new media specialist for and CTV/CP24, Kris Reyes, Citytv News reporter.

Some of the participants from the Brave New(s) World Summit

Some of the participants from the Brave New(s) World Summit

So where do we go from here? Well it was said that people thought the radio was going to make kids deaf and the television was going to make us dumb, and the internet? Will it kill the print publication? No, there is room for both. We just need to adapt by being “small, agile and lethal.”

For a summary report of the conference, keep checking back in the next few days as people upload and add information to the blog. and


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