Katie and Peter: How fairytale showbiz romance tore itself apart

By Dan Wootton & Tom Latchem in the Maldives, 17/05/2009
TODAY the News of the World uncovers the shocking truth behind glamour queen Jordan's split from long-suffering husband Peter Andre.

The marriage of Britain's most famous fantasy girl pin-up has been virtually SEXLESS for two years.


Last night in an emotional confession to pals, 36-year-old singer Peter said: "I've been saying for a long time it was a case of 'when' not 'if' we divorced. The relationship's been going under since 2007 but I was terrified of missing the kids."

Jordan, real name Katie Price, also admitted the first sign of them heading for the rocks came when their sex life went quiet.

See how Jordan and Peter Andre's body language has changed over the years

She told a friend: "We'd lost that passion in bed. I know it goes after a while for everyone but for us it had been so good, so important, so hot."

A pal of Peter told us: "Things haven't been right in the bedroom for almost two years. To put it bluntly, Jordan stopped fancying him. It caused big problems because she has a huge sex drive."

FIVE-STAR HIDEAWAY: Jordan and blonde pal staying put yesterday on the deck of their luxuary villa on Rangali island
FIVE-STAR HIDEAWAY: Jordan and blonde pal staying put yesterday on the deck of their luxuary villa on Rangali island

As well as a sex drought the 3½-year marriage was doomed by demanding Jordan:

* PUTTING Peter down every chance she got.
* BELITTLING him by putting her mum Amy in charge of the house and children in her absence.
* MOCKING his singing talents.
* ACCUSING him of having a secret Cypriot lover.
* LASHING out at him in a row over moving to America.

In an extraordinary week, Jordan was SNAPPED drunkenly flirting with her handsome dressage coach Andrew Gould and flashing her boobs for the camera. That was the final straw for Peter who DECLARED he was dumping her. Jordan then FLEW off to the Maldives with their two children leaving her husband with stepson Harvey. Crushed Peter then JETTED out to Cyprus to be consoled by his family.

As topless Jordan, 30, soaked up the sunshine with a blonde pal at a £2,000-a-night luxury villa on Rangali island she has been briefing friends at home on her trauma.

With three-year-old son Junior and 21-month-old daughter Princess Tiaami inside in the cool, she sobbed: "Pete has broken every promise he ever made to me. I'll never forgive him for what he's done.

MILES APART: Topless Jordan soaks up sun in the Maldives as sad Peter seeks comfort in Cyprus
MILES APART: Topless Jordan soaks up sun in the Maldives as sad Peter seeks comfort in Cyprus

"I'm in complete hell, this is a living nightmare for me. I could never imagine life without Pete but now I'm having to contemplate it because I don't know how I could go back."

But despite her fury, Jordan admitted how SHE had started to drive a wedge between the couple. "Don't get me wrong I'm f***ing angry at Pete," she insisted. "He's acted like a c***. But I know I've caused some of this by not being the best wife in the world, not being the woman he deserved sometimes.

"I always thought I treated him well but maybe I did take him for granted and could be cruel sometimes. But I never thought he had it in him to do this.

"I mean, look at what I've done for the man! When we met on I'm A Celebrity his career was over and he had hardly any money.

"It was me who turned that around for him. I've given him back the showbiz lifestyle he really wanted and he's made so much money because of me."

When we met on I'm A Celebrity, his career was over. I turned that around. He's broken every promise. I'll never forgive him

Jordan is also WRONGLY convinced Peter has been cheating with a mystery woman in Cyprus.

She told her friend: "Why did he go back to Cyprus so soon? He wouldn't leave Harvey for no reason. I'm sure the slag is there."

But a member of the crew on the couple's ITV2 reality show admitted there was NEVER any proof of a fling.

Last night a friend of Peter-who has TWICE consulted divorce lawyers in the past year-told us: "As far as Pete was concerned the marriage was definitely for love.

"He genuinely wanted Kate as part of his life forever. But when you saw him and her away from the cameras the fault lines were obvious." The pal said lucrative TV and magazine deals became a dominating factor in the relationship.

"Everything Kate does is for the money," added our source. "It's quite shocking to see how basically selfish she is.

"Pete's tried to be more like her but it's just not in his character. He's basically a pretty straight guy. What you see really is what you get.

"He adores his kids-and that absolutely includes Harvey who's not his-and he's incredibly family orientated. He was always wanting to invite people round for parties and stuff but Kate very rarely let him. And in the last couple of years there was no sexual chemistry between them unless the cameras were on.

"Kate never appeared interested in what he was doing and told him to shut up all the time. She was so rude to him. If he asked, "Do I look good?' she'd say 'No!' She was incapable of giving a compliment.

"And Pete was jealous of Kate's ex, the singer Dane Bowers. She still takes this weird interest in everything he does and Pete could never understand why. It badly undermined his sense of self-worth.

I'm in complete hell, this is a nightmare. I'm ****ing angry. He's acted like a ****! I never thought he had it in him to do this

"The same went for footballer Dwight Yorke, Harvey's dad. When Dwight visited to see his son Kate would glam herself up. Pete hated it. In the end he started obsessing about his missing sex life.

"He'd make all the running but she just shot him down. They slept in the same bed but often one of them ended up in the spare room. And they hardly ever even ate together."

Another huge row that led to the split was over Peter's growing desire to move to America.

The friend disclosed: "Pete thinks his music career is over in the UK and wanted the family to split its time between here and Los Angeles where he has been working with big names. Katie refused.

"She even started lashing out at him at one point because she'd hated Hollywood and didn't want to go back. It's all about the drama with Kate. She has this need to cause a fuss. She could start a fight in an empty room. She just seems to crave attention.

"They bickered all the time and once or twice a month a major row erupted. She tells him he can't sing and that he's crap at it.

"He told her many times, 'You make me feel so small. How could you do this to me?' But she simply can't help herself. It's as if she had absolutely no respect for Pete.

"Even when Kate was away he got it in the neck-from her mum Amy, who spends a lot of time at their house. If Pete tried to assert himself as being in charge Amy would stamp on it.

"She dominates everything and Pete would walk out."

We lost that passion in bed. I know it goes after a while for everyone but for us it had been so good, so important, so hot

Peter always felt Jordan never accepted his Greek heritage. The source added: "Katie disliked his need for close family ties. He spends hours on the phone to relatives in Cyrpus and Australia but Kate would make up excuses not to join in.

"When she got emotional Kate even referred to Pete as 'The Greek'-not in a racist way but to belittle him.

"Although Kate was very possessive and controlling she had incredible double standards.

"She'd regularly take off for hours on end leaving Pete at home worrying about why she wouldn't answer her phone.

"But she'd get really uptight if he stayed out late, even if he called to ask permission.

"What's so baffling is that Kate seems to have it all yet is utterly miserable.

"Let's face it, she doesn't know what a day's struggle is yet she's tortured by an inability to enjoy what she has. It's very sad."



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