See our top 10 wildest showbiz birthday bashes

T'S my birthday and I'll drink if I want too...

Cheryl Cole turned 26 this week and definitely enjoyed the celebrations!

And for many stars a birthday bash - their own or someone else's - is a faaaabulous excuse to go on a bender.

Here we reveal the babes who take the celebrations to the extreme. From boob-flashing and underwear exposing to bleary eyes and swearing, these lasses love a party.

We've ranked these stars 1 to 10 with the biggest caners nearer the top. But what do you reckon? Let us know below.

Kate Moss

1. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a machine when it comes to partying.

Here she is leaving Topshop boss Phillip Green's 59th birthday bash. The birthday boy is almost a pensioner but has Kate let her celebrations be toned down? Has she hell.

We snapped her leaving the bash at Annabel's Club, Mayfair at 2am. Looking slightly worse for the wear.

Paris Hilton

2. Paris Hilton

Well when you're an heiress I guess you can put pretty much anything on your birthday present list.

In Paris Hilton's case she wanted to be a Pussycat Doll. As you do.

So she treated herself (and her guests) to a Doll's performance by herself on her big day. We snapped her in the middle of her sexy burlesque dance in a law enforcement costume.


3. Jordan

Jordan has refined the art of partying - with hardcore birthdays like this one.

Here's the glamour girl - real name Katie Price - celebrating her 25th with a Pimps and Prostitutes themed night at Embassy Club, London.

Sheer class.

Jodie Marsh

4. Jodie Marsh

And speaking of class - here's another good time girl.

Jodie Marsh wore possibly even less clothes than Jordan on her 25th birthday when celebrating her 30th.

The leopard print/fishnet/cup-less bra look was the chosen ensemble for her bash in Essex.


Nicola Roberts

5. Nicola Roberts

Ahh you know what it's like when one of your mate's younger siblings is celebrating a birthday, it's up to you to keep an eye, be responsible, set a good example...

Or you can show 'em how it's done like Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts.

Here's the red-head at bandmate Kimberly Walsh's sister's 21st birthday - looking like she's having a ball.

Dani Lloyd

6. Dani Lloyd

Serial WAG Dani Lloyd is also a serial partier.

Here she is looking, er, slightly worse for the wear after Joanne Beckham's 25th birthday at the Silver Club, London.

Mind you the fella behind her looks as though he thinks his birthday has come early...

Lily Allen

7. Lily Allen

Me thinks someone didn't get the pressie she wanted!

Here's Lily Allen arriving at Groucho Club, Soho, to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

Give us a Smile hey Lily?

Davina Taylor

8. Davinia Taylor

Oooo dear. And she'd been being so good recently!

Here's Davinia Taylor attending pal Kate Moss's 35th birthday and suffering a bit of a boob!

Mind you, she looks like she's had a good night so what's a little flash between friends...

Naomi Campbell

9. Naomi Campbell

A model partygoer if ever we saw one!

Here's Naomi Campbell leaving the Dolce & Gabbana party in Cannes, France.

Apparently security removed over $1,500,00 of borrowed jewellery as she left - well she doesn't look like she would have remembered where she left it come morning does she?

Kimberley Walsh

10. Kimberley Walsh

She's pretty in pink and been enjoying her drink!

Girls Aloud babe Kimberley Walsh looks like she had a good night celebrating bandmate Cheryl Cole's birthday at Vanilla, London.

Cheers dear!


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